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Curated Giraffe Art That Is Guaranteed to Enliven Your Home 

Our giraffe art collection celebrates the world's undisputed tallest mammal and brings the pulsating drama of the African savanna to your home or coveted space.

Whether you are looking for realism or abstract paintings, watercolors, pencil sketches or sculptures, you are bound to find something that matches your taste.

Here are some of our offerings by category...

Giraffe Wall Art

Our curated giraffe wall art is perfect for adding character and elegance to your living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, kids rooms, guest room, patio...

Vacation home, office, lobby, hotel, lounge, hall, cafe, spa and pretty much any space that you cherish.

And, you choose from our wide selection of paintings, sketches,  collages, wooden wall art and even geometric giraffe wall art.

Giraffe Paintings

By far the most popular category of giraffe wall art, our giraffe paintings all four species of fascinating mammal: Masai, Reticulated, Northern and Southern.

And, they are portrayed in a wide variety of poses, including:

  • Drinking water, with legs splayed to enable it to stoop down to the stream or river in order to quench its thirst
  • Browsing the top of shrubs for succulent leaves and twigs
  • Cute baby giraffe art, and giraffe mom and baby art.

Silhouette paintings that incorporate giraffes are also much-sought after by discerning art collectors.

But reducing a 6-meter (19 ft) mammal to a 40" x 30" canvas is a pretty daunting task. And even when the artists succeed, many of the uniquely giraffe characteristics are rendered blurry close up.

So it's a good idea to complement these big-picture artworks with the ones that zoom in on the quintessential giraffe features like the:

  • Head
  • Face
  • Eyes and eyelashes
  • Horns. Turns out they are not horns at all but are "ossicones" because they are hardened cartilage covered with skin
  • Tongue (if you want to see this, check out the photos of my kids cozying up with the endangered Rothchild sub-species here).

If you find realism art a little too mundane for you, be sure to check out our abstract and semi-abstract giraffe paintings.

Plus, these giraffe paintings come in oil, acrylic, ink or mixed media on canvas, board or paper so you'll definitely be spoiled for choice. 

Watercolor Giraffe Paintings

Watercolor giraffe paintings are sometimes treated as a different genre. 


Watercolor paint boasts color clarity that you'd be hard-pressed to attribute to oil or acrylic.

Plus, because it's water soluble (hence its name), the artist is able to conjure up different shades by progressively adding more water.

And, its transparency makes it extremely versatile from a color clarity and richness perspective.

Watercolor paintings tend to be breathe—they normally consist of one or two subjects and plenty of white space.

So, if you're looking for clutter-free paintings that are easy on the eye, our giraffe watercolors are right up your alley.

Giraffe Art - Sketches

Our hand drawn giraffe pencil art features the work of African artists who have honed their photorealism skills...

It is difficult to believe that their giraffe art pieces are actually hand drawn, and with only the good old pencil at that. 


Collages remind us of our kindergarten years when we cut up magazine images, newspapers and fabric using blunt scissors and and randomly glued them in a pre-drawn shape on a sheet of paper.

But then again we also painted, sketched, and sculpted in our pre-school years, too, right.

But professional wildlife artists have taken this playful art form several notches up, spurred on by the assurance that each artwork is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind.

This is because of the varied menu of raw materials available.

Giraffe collage art is a must-have if you love these graceful giants.

You can feel the internal logic in every work made.

Wooden Wall Art

From framed and encased miniature giraffes to stylized giraffe masks, our giraffe wooden wall art collection cater to your high end taste in African wildlife art.

A stand out form of giraffe wooden wall art is the village mask that follows the curvy profile of the coveted ebony tree stem and would "lively up" your wall, as Bob Marley would have said.

Plus, you may choose realist depictions of giraffes or their stylized renditions.

Geometric Giraffe Wall Art

Each of our geometric giraffe wall art is a masterpiece and is a great addition to your cherished space.

This form of giraffe art comprises symmetrical, interlocking straight lines, squares, circles, curves and other shapes.

Some of the popular mediums are canvas and metal, such as wrought iron in matte finish.

Giraffe Statues

Giraffe statues are great for enhancing your home decor, and to delight your guests.

The most sought-after wooden giraffe statues from Africa are...

Hand carved from ornamental wood such as rosewood, teak, and my runaway favorite, ebony.

The giraffe statues are also sculpted from huge granite boulders...

Craftsmen in Zimbabwe have distinguished themselves in the stone sculpting craft.

And then there is the metal giraffe yard art...

Mostly made from scrap metal which is repurposed and reimagined to be aesthetically appealing while also, critically... 

Lessening the trash load on the environment which is already heaving from all sorts of degradation.

This form of giraffe art comes in a range of sizes with everything from miniature statues that you can take with you wherever you go to living-room and life-sizes.

Record holder Centrepiece Art

Africa's wild giraffes don't live in a sterile environment. Thankfully, they co-exist with other wildlife, which have several feathers in their proverbial hats...

The African elephant, for example, isn't just the largest and heaviest land-based mammal, it probably also boasts the best memory in the  pulsating realm of African animals.

Couple that with the world's tallest mammal and you have a captivating template that can be brought to life with the outstanding craftsmanship that is prevalent on the African continent.

The result?

Stunning paintings, sketches, statues and collages that cater to you, our esteemed reader, who has upper-end art taste.

So this reality of peaceful coexistence is often captured in elephant and giraffe art where both these African animals co-star—certainly as the main characters—on a single medium such as a canvas or a single-piece wooden sculpture.

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