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8 African Bird Art Pieces That You Won’t Egret Owning 😉

Our African bird art collection is a menagerie of the birds that traverse the continent's skies, nestle on its trees and perch on the backs of the oodles of the continent's wildlife. 

Africa is a well-deserved ornithologist's paradise because it's home to infinite bird species. 

African bird art of the Taita fiscal shrikeMasterful painting of the Taita fiscal shrike (Lanius dorsalis).

From the tiny lilac-breasted roller to the large-than-life ostrich

From the pitch black-plumed African oystercatcher (Heamatopus moquini) to the ultra-white great egret (Ardea alba)...

From the ultra-colorful Gouldian finch to the monochromatic African gray parrot...

From the pretty bee-eaters to the plainer marabou stork...

From the migratory Greater flamingo to the sedentary secretary bird...

From the monogamous crested (crowned) crane and the white stork (Ciconia ciconia) to the polygynous saltmarsh sparrow...

From the prehistoric looking shoebill to the futuristic peacock and the cardinal…

From the reclusive red-billed firefinch (Senegal firefinch) to the gregarious hadada ibis and the African white-backed vulture...

Africa, it seems, has it all!

Regal Eagle Art

Acrylic on canvas painting of the African fish eagle.Acrylic on canvas painting of the African fish eagle.

Africa is a habitat for at least these 13 species of the eagle:

  • African crowned eagle
  • African fish eagle
  • Bateleur eagle
  • Booted eagle
  • Eastern imperial eagle
  • Greater spotted eagle 
  • Lesser spotted eagle
  • Long crested eagle
  • Martial eagle which is the largest African eagle
  • Steppe eagle
  • Tawny eagle
  • Verreaux’s eagle and
  • Wahlberg’s eagle.

The standout characteristics that run across all the eagle species? 

Down curved beaks, huge wingspans, sharp claws and super-powerful legs designed to deliver killer kicks that underline their core identity as birds of prey. 

Seizing on these prized physical attributes, realist, impressionist and abstract artists depict eagles, as super strong, brazen, majestic birds.

If this has piqued your curiosity, be sure to check out our carefully curated collection of eagle art.

African Parrot Bird Art

Impressionist acrylics on canvas painting of the African gray parrot.Impressionist acrylics on canvas painting of the African gray parrot, highlighting its distinctive red tail.

Parrot is a term that's liberally applied to a large group of rowdy, colorful birds that belong to the family called...

Psittacidae (good luck pronouncing that!).

The term parrots also includes African lovebirds such as Fischer's and the Yellow-collared Lovebird.

Parrot that occur on the continent include the African gray parrot (with its distinctive red tail), the brown, brown-headed species.

Others are the brown-necked, Meyer’s, orange-bellied and red-bellied parrots. 

While it is easy to find parrot photographs, parrot paintings are far fewer and farther between. 

Plus, only a handful of artists has attained and retained fidelity to the anatomy, and exuberance of these sociable birds which are beautifully plumed.

Be sure to check out our African parrot art collection here.

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