African Woman Art That Will Make Your Heart Ting-A-Ling

Seriously, we are confident that our African woman art will enliven your wall but also make your heart tinkle.

The African woman—as a collective—is often used as a byword for unattractiveness, war, poverty, starvation and illiteracy.

This is thanks to the focus by the media on the most dire situations on the continent. 

But for most of these women, this is not their daily reality.

So our art pieces celebrate the beauty, character, incredible resilience but also the individuality of the African woman.

Plus the tradition and modernity that she epitomizes, sometimes concurrently.

We hope that this will gradually change the narrative.

Favorite Artwork

So what are our all-time favorite African woman art pieces? 

Three categories, actually…


A masterpiece from our African woman painting collection makes the perfect wall art or gift on the subject. 

If you want to get ultra-specific, you can go straight to these collections:

  • African woman portrait paintings where upclose, facial expressions of the individual subjects predominate
  • abstract African woman paintings if you find realism too simplistic and would like to interpret the artwork from its forms, colors and textures
  • African tribal woman paintings if you're looking for an embodiment of traditional Africa and a lens into the breadth of her captivating cultures
  • the always popular African mother and baby paintings
  • modern African woman paintings for artworks of women who have largely embraced a western lifestyle
  • black African woman paintings which are typically of women in sub-Saharan Africa 
  • African woman oil paintings if you prefer the classic medium, or acrylic paintings for a taste of the more recent, vibrant invention 
  • African woman canvas paintings which are generally more durable than their paper counterparts
  • African woman silhouette paintings when rendering the subject in a single hue emphasizes subtleties that would otherwise be overwhelmed by color.

Obviously, these are not exclusive categories and chances are that an artwork will fall in two or more categories.


Stunning African woman sketches by our masters will floor you. See for yourself...

Busts of Tribal Women

The energy and warmth of the African women bursts through the ornately-carved ebony wood sculptures of tribal women such as...

The Masai, Samburu, Turkana and Karamojong of East Africa.

What Do We Love Most About Our African Woman Art?

Globalization is well and truly part of our lives and you'll likely find renowned fizzy drink brands in the remotest villages of Africa.

Some African women have embraced modernity, diverse aspirations and achieved feats that any woman across the globe would relate to. 

Other women, however, still practice their culture, dressing and living just as their forebears did. 

Modernity and tradition need not be contradictory and mutually exclusive concepts, after all.

And this "paradox" is reflected in our African woman art collection.