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This Curated African Wild Dog Art Will Enhance Your Décor

Our African wild dog art consists of paintings and figurines (sculptures) created by Africa's acclaimed and budding artists.

It is a favorite category of our African wildlife art collection.

Plus, it will make a unique gift for anyone who is passionate about quintessentially African art.

African Wild Dog Primer

This canine species may also be called the Cape hunting dog or the African painted dog for its colorful, patchy coat. 

Each coat marking is unique to each individual—pretty much like the human fingerprint.

There are subtle differences among the four sub-species that inhabit the continent:

  • The Cape wild dog (also called the South African wild dog or the Cape hunting dog) which has a furry coat dominated by an orange-yellowish color and a thick throat mane
  • The East African wild dog which has a darker, less furry coat that its Cape counterpart
  • The Somali wild dog which is considerably smaller than the East African wild dog
  • The West African wild dog.

While the African wild dog's face resembles that of its domesticated cousin, its ears are larger and more rounded.

So this features and the proportionality have to be captured in African wild dog art to make it worth its medium—certainly that based on realism.

Sound effects? A wide range actually, including barks, whining, howls and even twittering.

These canines typically live in packs of 7–15 although decades ago, 100-dog packs were a common sight.

African Wild Dog Art Collection

Our painted dog collection consists of paintings and figurines (or sculptures) created by established and budding African artists.

Painted Dog Paintings

Many African artists find creating African wild dog paintings pure joy. 

So what endears these wild canines to the artist? Could it be:

  • The striking resemblance to its cousin who happens to be man's best friend?
  • The handsome coat? If you know your Bible, you know the jealousy Joseph's stunning technicolor coat aroused in his brothers and how it almost cost him his life
  • Its conservation status? The painted dog is endangered owing to widespread habitat fragmentation in the expansive areas it used to roam, and to frequent disease outbreaks.
  • Its inspirational characteristics? These include harmony and empathy within the pack. Plus, dogged:) determination, focus, teamwork, and agility while hunting. 
  • Its diverse palate? Virtually everything meaty is on the menu: birds, rats, gazelles and even wildebeest calves. Perhaps, a wide palate increases your odds of starring as the subject of an artist's palette…

How Do These African Wild Dog Paintings Stack Up To The Others?

African Wild Dog Portrait

Artist: Hoods Jjuuko.

Authenticity: Signed "Jjuuko Hoods" in bottom right corner.

Materials: Acrylic painting on canvas.

Dimensions: 27.6 in x 35.4 in (70 cm x 90 cm)

Description: semi-abstract portrait of the African wild dog. 

Look at those eyes.

The famously rounded ears.

Check out the overall proportionality.

Price: US$ 1,450, inclusive of courier shipping and insurance.

Payment: Bank deposit.

Shipment: 2 business days after payment clears.

Ships from: Nairobi, Kenya.

Ships in a: Mailing tube.

Delivery: 7-14 days after shipment.

Discount Eligible? Yes. Buy any 2 pieces of artwork on this website together and get 5% off the cheaper one.

African Wild Dog Figurines

Check back soon for collectable African wild dog figurines. 

Some fine African sculptors are very busy chiseling away and putting finishing touches.

Take This Furry, Fiery Friend Home

If you are a dog lover, you'll love our African wild dog art. 

Unfortunately, you cannot keep the wild canine as your pet...

But settling for an African wild dog painting and figurine is even better in many respects.

First, these innately wild animals cannot harm you which would be a considerable risk if you kept them as a pet.

Second, your artwork can help sensitive your relatives and friends on the wild dog's endangered status. 

That way, we can all advocate for policies and programs that can help roll back the tide. Before it's too late.

Third, the African wild dog can continue to live and hopefully thrive in the wild, where it has the best chance of survival as a species.

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