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Inspiring African Tribal Woman Painting Collection

Our African tribal woman painting collection is a popular category of African woman art so if you're looking for a one of a kind, true to life piece, be sure to check it out.

Hang one of our stunning paintings of an African woman decked out in her brilliant tribal regalia, complete with elaborate ornaments on your home or office's most conspicuous wall, and… 

You are guaranteed to turn your relatives and friends green with envy. 

These paintings celebrate the unique beauty and character of the traditional African woman as a collective.

Smiling Karamojong Woman by Hoods Jjuuko

Exotic Beauty

The tribal African woman will often boast a dark, chocolatey skin complexion. Yeah, there's no shortage of melanin here, thanks to the blazing African sun.

Her hair a thick, black, kinky, beautiful crown.

To her skin and hair she'll often apply the red pigmented earth called ochre.

Ochre is many things: a sun screen, an insect repellant and a makeup kit.

This woman may be lean, or curvy and voluptuous. 

Her earlobes may be torn and stretched, and adorned with the most beautiful array of handcrafted earrings.

Her lips may be stretched, too, then bejeweled with a large lip plate or disc. 

But it doesn't end there.

Tribal markings may also be permanently etched into her forehead. Some writers refer to these as scarifications but I feel that this misses the beauty aspect to these... 

Plus, they are incredible badges of kinship, honor and courage. My obstetrician always thought I had a pretty low pain tolerance so I tip my hat to these women for enduring what must have been excruciating rites.

Around her neck are countless custom necklaces. Each necklace consists of multicolor beads of different shapes and sizes. I believe if you took time out to count each of these beads, they'd number in the thousands, possibly tens of thousands.

And instead of a conventional dress, she may prefer to wrap a sheet around herself and secure it in place with a belt.

Pride Of Character

Hardworking. Resilient. Inspiring. 

All three are fitting adjectives of the archetypal tribal African woman.


The traditional African woman is the backbone of Africa in so, so many important ways as…




She bears a disproportionate burden of the household chores thanks to the gender-based division of labor that has existed for millennia.

Yes, she works really hard… 

Walks up to 40 km (25 miles) in search of scarce potable water or to...

Collect fuelwood…


Then cook for her large, extended family…

She typically starts her day before the rooster crows at the crack of dawn and is still working long after sunset. 

So, if anybody needed a 48-hour day, it would have to be the traditional African woman.

Yet, despite this punishing daily routine, she still takes time out to look good. 


Incredibly Resilient

The "strength of the African woman" is often invoked.

But I'd say this is actually an understatement in relation to the tribal cohort.

Triple strength of the tribal African woman is a more appropriate axiom for these women whose lifestyles have steadfastly withstood Western influences.

She takes everything in her stride…

Cultural practices that are faithfully passed down generations…

Indescribable grief…

Staggering expectations…

She is not particularly wealthy by any standard…

Yet she's still able to dress to kill either by donning her heirloom jewelry or ornaments that she painstakingly beaded herself.

Inspiration From An African Tribal Woman Painting

If you're looking for a dose of inspiration to accomplish monumental academic, work, business and life goals… 

Be sure to hang an African tribal woman painting in a conspicuous place in your home, study, office or RV.

And let it be a reminder that, as Lupita Nyong'o aptly stated, "your dreams are valid" so go get them. 

And remember the wisdom of this African proverb:

No person is born great. People become great while others are sleeping.

~ Anonymous

So don't let your goals slip away:)

If the traditional African woman can achieve so much despite the fact that seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against her, you really have no excuse.

Simply invest in an African tribal woman painting so that her astounding feats can continually inspire you to achieve your wildest dreams.

A nice bonus is that we have such a wide selection, you will even be spoilt for choice.

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