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Premium African Male Paintings That Are Lifelike

Our African male paintings selection depicts profound man art from Africa. 

The traditional African man is a symbol of power and influence in his community.

This is especially so given that most of the continent’s communities are governed by patriarchal norms.

Modern vs Traditional

Granted, thanks to globalization, you are likely to find more men on the continent who are dressed in jeans, T-shirts, tracksuits,  and suits than their respective traditional attire. 

But what's the point of spending your hard-earned money on an African man dressed in jeans? 

You might as well get portraiture of a black man in New York or London because it would have the same aesthetic appeal, right?

Now, contrast that with exploring quintessentially African male paintings characterized by:

  • Traditional African attire
  • Intricate scarification on face and chest to signify beauty and transition to adulthood with the pattern details identifying the particular clan that the man belongs to 
  • Part-shaven, part-plaited hair
  • Ochre-painted hair and skin
  • Elongated earlobes accentuated with ornate earrings
  • Elaborate beaded necklaces that make a bold fashion statement.

It's like night and day, right?


First though, take a moment to visualize this exotic beauty and the intriguing African culture it embodies. 

Then, check out the paintings below…

Male Karamojong Painting

Artist: Hoods Jjuuko

Authenticity: Original. Signed "Jjuuko Hoods" in bottom right corner.

Materials: Acrylic paint on canvas with a touch of oil paint.

Dimensions: 27.6 in x 35.4 in (70 cm x 90 cm)

Description: The Karamojong are a nomadic warrior tribe that inhabits north eastern Uganda. 

Cattle is the community's foremost wealth and status symbol, and the Karamojong often carry out cross-border raids either to rustle cattle or recover stolen livestock.

Their culture is very similar to that of the neighboring Neur, Turkana, Samburu and the world-renowned Maasai.

In this stunning portrait, the Karamojong man is resplendent in his head gear which has loads of colorful beads and is capped by feathers running from the forehead to his crown. 

He's also adorning earring buttons, a chin chain to add a touch of elegance, and intricate necklaces. 

Each paintbrush stroke represents a bead so Jjuuko, the artist, clearly took his time to bring this African male painting to life.

The warrior's shoulders, arms and chest are bare implying that he has only light clothing on, much like the sheet (called shuka in Kiswahili) that I alluded to here

Karamoja is a semi-desert...

So the sweltering conditions there imply that the warrior (and indeed all Karamojong as the community are referred to) must be scantily clad in order stave off heat-induced infirmities.

Look at the subject's confident, intense gaze, and those life-like eyes.

Just how much more life and vibrancy would this African wall art lend to your home?

Price: US$ 2,750, inclusive of courier shipping and insurance.

Payment: Bank deposit.

Shipment: 2 business days after payment clears.

Ships in a: Mailing tube.

Ships from: Nairobi, Kenya.

Delivery: 7-14 days after shipment.

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Other African Male Paintings

We have more magnificent traditional African man portraits (including of the Maasai) whose photos we will upload in the next few days.

So please check back soon for a wider variety and reserve yours before they are all snapped up.

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