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Your Search For Premium African Art Is Finally Over!

Jambo! And, welcome to the fascinating world of African art!

We are an African family brimming with excitement about Africa’s finest artifacts.

This African art piece showcases a zebra herd at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.Zebras at the Kilimanjaro is an acrylics on canvas painting by Geoffrey Mugwe. While the species portrayed here are the plains zebra, Africa is home to two other species: the mountain zebra and the endangered Grévy's zebra.

And, we are delighted to share this passion with the world, straight from our home here in sunny Africa.

One cannot resist the lure of Africa.

Rudyard Kipling
British Poet, Short-story Writer and Novelist.

We are privileged to have been born on this incredibly beautiful and diverse continent which we know like the back of our (collective) hand.

And we are on a mission to share our rich heritage with you.

Smiling, young African mother.Smiling African mother is an acrylics on canvas painting by Robert Karanja. It depicts a young mother carrying her infant child on her back.

What Sets Us Apart?

Four things differentiate us from other online art stores:

  1. We specialize in African art. We don't know anything about Arabian art or American-Indian art so we don't sell it here
  2. We only deal in premium artwork—only the crème de la crème. As such, we place a huge emphasis on quality rather than quantity. If only one piece makes the grade on a particular theme, we'll showcase only that piece without any qualms
  3. We personally scrutinize each artwork before we buy it—for its Africanness, craftsmanship and quality of the material used to ensure that you get value for your money. 
  4. We personally oversee the fulfilment process from packaging, shipping and returns. We don't delegate this crucial task to the artists.
Red Tailed Hawk acrylics on canvas painting by Hoods Jjuuko."In Focus," an acrylics on canvas painting of a swooping Red Tailed Hawk by Hoods Jjuuko. Laser-focused! Eyes trained on the prey, wings partially retracted and claws at the ready... Can the prey possibly escape the meticulously planned-out pounce?

Beautiful Collection!

Dharmesh G.
Art Collector.

The Riveting Spectrum of African Art

Because of its sheer heterogeneity and crosscutting nature, compartmentalizing African art is a pretty arduous task. 

In a very broad sense though, here are some of the art categories you can expect to experience here:

  • Artwork Era. Our art collection runs the gamut from the ancient to the contemporary.
  • African peoples of all walks of life from royalty, warriors, tribal men and women, boys and girls. 
  • Iconic African wildlife art with everything from the Big Five to some less known, but critically endangered species such as the mountain gorilla.
  • Africa boasts several stunning landscapes that consist of tropical savannas, snow-capped mountains, trees & forests, the Great Rift Valley, waterbodies and, deserts. Plus, the magic of the African sky. All of these landscapes coalesce to produce some stunning silhouettes!
  • Partial to a particular medium? Check out our canvas, paper, wood, fabric, tapestry, metal, ceramics art, and beadwork.
  • Our art categories by region: East Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, North Africa or Pan African art—a blend of influences from the "five" corners of the continent. 
  • Realism, abstract art and semi-abstract African art whose nuances cater to different tastes.
African mixed media, people, animals, birdsAfrican mixed media by Anwar Sadat Nakibinge. Canvas, paint, ink, fabric, paper. People, animals, birds and trees arranged to stunning effect. And oh, Anwar is an MD so when he's not in an operating theater, he's in his art studio. I know; this doesn't look like a side hustle! Life's not fair!

Only Handpicked Masterpieces Here

You can select the showcased African artworks in the assurance that each piece has been…

Ancient stool from Congo. The stool is intricately carved from wood. Instead of legs, a bare-chested African woman with hands raised keeps the seat elevated.Bare-chested African Woman Stool from central Africa. Proof that in Africa, art often has aesthetic and utility values.

Handpicked by incredibly discerning connoisseurs (namely; yours truly!).

So no trinkets here. 

No cheap knockoffs. 

No rhino carving which looks like a crossbreed between an aardvark and a giraffe. 

No, not here.

If it's not good enough, we will not stock it.


So our artworks boast outstanding workmanship by masters in their fields even though many have never been to formal art school.

Is it any wonder that African art had a huuuuge creative influence on Pablo Picasso?

If you think this claim is utterly preposterous, open a new tab and then Google it. I am waiting right here, with arms raised above my shoulders😁. But then again, humility is a virtue...

Fair Trade In Your Hands

Moreover, our eclectic art collection promotes fair trade by… 

Creating gainful employment opportunities for Africa's:

  • masters who cannot effectively market their artwork to a yearning global audience
  • "unsung" artists
  • incredibly talented, budding artists
  • women groups and marginalized communities around the continent whose dexterity at handiwork is itself an art form. 

Obviously, their products still have to pass our stringent quality tests and standards.

Waiting For The Tide to Rise is an acrylic and oil painting on canvas by Samuel Njuguna. It features two moored dhows.Waiting For The Tide to Rise is an acrylic and oil painting on canvas by Samuel Njuguna. The largest of our collection so far, it is sited at the Kenyan Indian Ocean coast and features traditional canoes called dhows and architecture that has a discernible Arabian influence.

Who's African Art Shop For?

Whether you are looking for an inimitable African art piece to indulge your artistic flair as an avid art collector or…

Baobab tree paintingBaobab and Friends is a baobab tree acrylics on canvas painting by Daniel Njoroge, possibly Kenya's foremost wildlife realism painter.
Ebony giraffe statue. With a skin finish and a clearly discernible coat pattern. Excellent addition to your living room. The visible wear and tear is from years--possibly decades--of daily use.

You are the curator for your art gallery or museum and...

Are looking to grow your ancient or contemporary African art collection or…

You just want to spruce up your home décor by transforming your:

  • wall
  • living room
  • kitchen 
  • dining room
  • bedroom or even
  • bathroom or…

You need a unique—no—a one-of-a-kind gift for your family and friends or...

You're looking for a centerpiece for your hotel reception area or...

An imposing lifelike (and possibly life-size) statue to transform your corporate foyer into a couture ambiance…

We are confident you will find a delectable article from our versatile collection to suit your taste and lifestyle.

Browse With Confidence

So, as you browse our collection, remember that it embodies the very heart and soul of Africa. 

Reed and raffia baskets from Rwanda.Rwanda red reed and raffia basket set. (A bit of a tongue-twister at the beginning there 🤣). In Africa, we use baskets for everything - for presenting snacks such as roasted coffee beans or groundnuts, serving piping hot millet or maize bread (which are staples in many regions) or even storing jewelry.

And, that it's a fascinating fusion of African culture, color and ingenuity.

Real African art is anything but gaudy, drab or primitive. 

But we'll let its sublime beauty speak for itself...

African leopard art - acrylics on canvas painting.African leopard acrylics on canvas painting by Geoffrey Mugwe. These arboreal big cats ambush prey with sudden, deadly lunges as they are masters of camouflage and, stealth. These attributes also make the African leopard the most elusive of the Big Five to spot on a safari. So why not let this photorealism masterpiece spot your living room wall where you can spot this illusory animal in the blink of an eye?

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